I’m Ruth Chua, counsellor and mental health coach.

As a therapist, my heart is deeply invested in creating a warm and nurturing space for people from all walks of life to explore their emotions, heal from past wounds, and find strength amidst the struggles of life.

I hold a profound appreciation for cultural intricacies as an Asian and the impact they can have on our mental health. Having spent time abroad has granted me a unique perspective on the complexities of navigating diverse cultural influences. This understanding allows me to connect with clients from different backgrounds and provide culturally sensitive and compassionate support.

My goal is to be your unwavering support, championing your growth and transformation every step of the way while creating a nurturing space where you can flourish, heal, and lead a more fulfilling life.

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Ruth Chua, Counsellor and Mental Health Coach

I believe that therapy is not reserved as a reactive approach to life but as a proactive approach in how we can do life better.

Education & Theoretical Orientation

I am a cognitive behavioural counsellor and mental health coach. specialising in anxiety, depression, trauma, addictions, and relationships. I received my undergraduate degree in BASc in Psychology from Deakin University and I have a Master’s in Professional Counselling from Monash University. I am a trauma-informed clinician with a person-centred approach that is grounded in cognitive behavioural analysis as well as salutogenic and somatic techniques.