Navigating life’s
in-betweens with you.


I specialise and typically work with areas of anxiety, depression, life transitions, trauma, addictions, and relationships. My approach is empathetic and straightforward, grounded in openness, trust, and humour. My role is to help you help yourself and to understand yourself.

I hold up a mirror to the patterns I see, make connections that may be difficult for you to see because of your proximity to the situation, reflect to you my observations, and we examine my observations together as a team.

The team aspect is incredibly crucial because we do this work together to address the issues.

While we form a therapeutic relationship , it is markedly different from other relationships as this relationship focuses primarily on you.

The relationship we establish plays a significant role in our collaborative work.

Therapeutic Coaching

When coaching, I incorporate my therapeutic style, but coaching tends to be more prescriptive. My coaching approach prioritises personal growth, mindset, and resilience. Although there are similarities in techniques and approaches, coaching has a more specific objective compared to therapy, which involves working through more profound issues.

While we work together, I will teach you about;

  • Growth mindset
  • How to become more effective and productive
  • How to use failure as an opportunity to grow
  • Overcoming people pleasing tendencies
  • Overcoming victim mindset
  • Developing self-esteem, self-trust, and confidence
  • Dealing with procrastination
  • Perfectionism and more

“The idea of therapy particularly in our culture is often intimidating. There’s so many misconceptions surrounding it. I decided I would try two sessions to “test the waters”. Ruth made me comfortable right from the start. She addressed my fears and apprehensions early on, easing that early process. What I found most helpful was having her validate what I was feeling, giving me insight into root issues that were triggering unhealthy responses and behaviours with simple exercises after each session.

We set goals at the start of counselling so I could determine if and when I had met those goals for myself, and felt equipped to manage on my own after. It was a rewarding six months and I can honestly say it has completely changed my life. I have a healthier relationship with myself, my family, and my peer group. The emotional stability and confidence has seen my career take off as well. Definitely one of the best decisions I made.”


“I feel lucky enough to have Ruth as my therapist for the past year. Our sessions are very comfortable be it in person or online. It is almost speaking with a good friend but actually able to help me with my healing process.

Thanks to Ruth, I have been able to manage my anxiety and starting to see my own value. I've also recommended her to my friends who need professional help, and I would recommend her to you too!”


“Before going for therapy, I used to think that spending money on seeing a therapist would be a waste as I have my own circle of friends to share my problems with. Other than that, I also felt scared to open up to a stranger; however, I am glad that I have found the courage to see a therapist & that I have Ruth as my therapist. She takes the time to listen & helps me a lot to understand my emotions, analyze & reflect on situations that may have been bothering me - something that a close friend may not be able to do as they tend to comfort you with the words you wanted to hear. Ruth also helps in giving me different and better perspectives on a situation which helps me to shift my mind towards a more positive outlook in life! Thank you, Ruth!”


“​​My sessions with Ruth have been tremendously helpful. She adapts to the flow of the conversation without being forceful or intrusive when breaking down issues. Both gentle, directive and always offering a comfortable perspective in each session to guide me through the landscape of my headspace.

She goes the extra mile to ensure I can make it for my sessions, genuinely supportive and checks in with me regularly. Her vibe is very approachable and puts me at ease to flow into the session. Highly recommended for anyone new or seasoned to therapy!”


“​​The reason I joined therapy is to overcome my anxiety and depression. It’s hard to find someone who understands having both simultaneously. My 1st attempt at joining therapy was not good. Thankfully after I met Ruth, everything started to get better.

Ruth was easy to talk to, and she listened! She is patient, compassionate, and not biased or judgemental. For a year, Ruth has guided me in coping with my anxiety and depression and understanding more about myself. I have a lot of things in my mind and I couldn’t think clearly. Ruth has helped me to slowly rearrange my thoughts, so I can handle things one by one and it reduces the messiness in my mind. And once I had control over my thoughts, my anxiety was manageable, we went deeper and found out the triggers, and set up boundaries and sticking to them. I always have a good session with her. She always makes me feel safe to be who I really am.

I believe this whole experience is a long process and journey, but it will be worth it. I am grateful to have Ruth as my therapist, and I would recommend her to anyone.”


“From the first step of getting to know each other, to the day-before-reminders of our sessions, from listening, to guiding, Ruth’s service is top notch as she enlaced compassion into our client-therapist relationship. Her goal oriented approach allowed us to explore multiple tools that may fit my personal needs. The best thing about our sessions is that we come up with co-creative solutions together. I am very happy to see so many improvements in many aspects of my life.”


“I am so thankful to be connected to Ruth. I had 5 sessions with her and I have found that she is a supportive, good listener and wise counsellor. She helps and guides me to see things which I couldn’t see in my life. She goes the extra mile and gives me support when I need to talk to someone after a breakdown one day through the phone. I can cope better now and I am going to be okay. Thank you Ruth”


“​​Life always has its ups and downs, and Ruth has been through my highest achievements and lowest downfall. I learn something valuable after every session be it work or relationships. Ruth has a particularly accurate empathic sense which helps in identifying topics that I was not open to discussing, however eventually I opened up to. Patient and tolerant, Ruth has shown to be a very dedicated and compassionate Therapist I've ever met.”